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I’m Charliejeane and it’s great to meet you!

I’m a qualified Dietitian and registered with HCPC and SENr, so you can relax - you’re in safe hands. As a registered Dietitian, I base my advice on scientific evidence so that you can always be confident you’re getting advice you can trust.

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(- I don't bite! And it's a myth that Dietitians are scary, who try to boss you about and judge you!).I adore working with people that suffer with IBS and getting the opportunity to see their transformation. 

It’s so rewarding seeing peeps go from feeling downright miserable and lost; trying everything they can to improve their symptoms, and virtually excluding everything out of their diet, because everything seems to make their symptoms worse; to being so much more happier in themselves and feeling in control of their symptoms instead of being dictated to by their symptoms.

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IBS article in Complete Nutrition magazine

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