Fibre and IBS

Do I Have To Avoid Fibre With My IBS?

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Am I eating enough fibre? This maybe what you’re thinking. Especially now with all the recent media coverage, such as…

superfood that would make you live longer (BBC), …Blow to low carb diet…high fibre cuts heart disease risk… (Guardian) and …cuts death from cancer, stroke and heart disease… (Independent).

Risk of Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke

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You may be feeling a bit anxious or worried now, hearing all these scary stories in the news. You may be thinking if I avoid wholemeal, wholegrain multigrain and seeded breads and cereal because of my IBS, then how do I make sure I get enough fibre in my diet and reduce my risk of these horrible diseases?

Woman in despair

It’s like you can’t win – you try avoiding these foods to improve your symptoms, but then you find out you may actually be increasing your risk of various diseases.

What Can You Do?

Well, first thing is don’t panic! (This may only make your symptoms worse – check out my post on Stress).

  1. Eat plenty of fruit and veg – choose low FODMAP options if you’re on this diet … hopefully following the low FODMAP diet with the support of a Dietitian, rather than off your own back, so they can make sure your diet is suitable and nutritionally adequate.
  2. Try porridge oats and oat-based products
  3. Give quinoa or polenta a go
  4. Try rice and rice-based products

I’ve got into the habit, and like checking out Amazon for all my nuts, seeds, beans and pulses, as they are much cheaper than in the supermarkets. You may or may not be able to tolerate these, but if you can, it’s definitely worth you checking there too and comparing prices.

So Do I Have To Avoid Fibre With My IBS?

The simple answer is no. You don’t have to avoid all forms of fibre and actually it’s very healthful, as noted in the papers. It’s a matter of tailoring your diet to suit your needs and to minimise your symptoms whilst trying to ensure nutritional adequacy for your optimal health.

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Government recommends 30g fibre per day

If you need a hand working out what you can and can’t eat to avoid symptoms, then please get in touch.

Many factors can influence someone’s risk of these chronic diseases, so if you are concerned, then please speak with your GP and don’t worry about feeling a lil bit silly. There’s no harm in wanting to prioritise your health and taking action!

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All views are my own.

*I have made some product recommendations because they’re value for money and I routinuely use them, so I wanted to share these with you so you too can save some pennies – as Tesco’s says, Every Little Helps!! I may get small commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but this definitely doesn’t cost you anything, nor does it influence my recommendations to you. This is because I genuinely want to help you, but also to try to support my blog to allow me to continue to provide you with a service.

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Fibre and IBS

Do I Have To Avoid Fibre With My IBS?

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