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Here, I’ve collated some useful information and resources for IBS, which I feel you will find helpful. Got some ideas and suggestions for other stuff? – please let me know – I’d love to hear from you, because it’ll likely help other peeps like you too!

Sharing ideas, experiences and raising awareness of this horrible, frustrating, depressing condition can only but help.

1. Simple Guide To Fibre

There’s been a lot of stuff in the news lately about how good fibre is and the potential health risks if you don’t eat enough, but fibre can be a nightmare for people like you with IBS, so I’ve created an information booklet with you in mind! So grab your FREE simple Guide to Fibre…

Click to download your FREEBIE!

2. IBS Survival Tips

Why not download your FREE copy and make sure you keep it handy for a helpful lil reminder!

IBS survival tips
Click image to download your FREE guide!

3. How To Use Linseeds (Flax)

Linseeds are great for various reasons, including helping with bowel issues, so have a look at these previous posts for some more info and ideas: IBS and Linseeds and 10 Ways With Linseeds … you may be thinking it’s all very well deciding I want to try them, but what do you actually do with them (!!) – this FREE guide will help you…

10 ways with linseeds
Click image to download – it’s completely FREE!

4. Food, Mood & Symptom Diary

Struggling to understand your IBS and work out what may be triggering your symptoms? Well if you buy this diary, you can fill it in and monitor your diet, mood, activity levels and symptoms.

IBS food diary…Coming soon! 

5. Food Label Checker

This food label checker isn’t necessarily directly related to IBS, but just because you have IBS doesn’t mean to say you don’t need to check labels or that you’re fluent in reading labels. So if you want some more info on understanding food labels, check this out, but don’t forget to download your FREE handy guide to working out what’s what with how “healthy” or “unhealthy” something is or for comparing products!

Food label checker
Click to download your FREE guide!

I’ll keep adding to this, so keep checking back and keep an eye out for new stuff!

Feel free to have a browse round my other blog posts too!

Don’t forget to share your ideas and suggestions of other stuff you think would be useful to you and others suffering with IBS. Or feel free to comment below!

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nutrigeek resources




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